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Legal Notices

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    Notice of Entry

    Depending on your location, you're legally required to provide 24 or 48 hours of notice before entering the property.
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    Late Rent Notice

    Provide your tenants official notice of late rent with this legal document.
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    Rent Increase Notice

    Notify your tenants of a rent increase if you're renewing the lease.
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    Non-Renewal of Lease Notice

    If your lease end date is approaching, let your tenant know that you will not be renewing the agreement with this notice.
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    Eviction Notice

    If your tenant is breaching your lease agreement, notify them of an eviction with this legal document.


Lease Resources

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    Lead Paint Disclosure

    All landlords in the U.S. are required to provide their tenants this disclosure, which is provided by the EPA. Rentalutions' lease templates include this attachment.
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    Pet Lease Addendum

    Add this addendum to your lease to clarify what pet(s) you are allowing and if you have any pet rules.
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    Sublease Agreement

    Create a sublease agreement for your tenant and sublettor with this document.
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    Lease-to-Own Agreement

    Use this lease if you're interested in leasing your property with the option to purchase. Learn more about lease-to-own agreements here.
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    Co-Signer Addendum

    This lease addendum proves a co-signer has agreed to assume financial responsibility if the tenant is unable to make payments.


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    Move-in Checklist

    Keep track of the condition of your property over time with our checklist.
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    Tenant Welcome Letter

    Download our editable welcome letter and send it to new tenants in order to provide helpful information on utilities, move-in day, renters insurance, and more.
  • Security Deposit Receipt

    Security Deposit Receipt

    Provide your tenants a receipt as soon as you receive their security deposit. In some cities and states, this is legally required.
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    Lease Renewal Offer

    Use our editable template to offer your tenants a lease renewal and keep quality tenants.
  • Paper Application

    Printable Rental Application

    It's important to screen prospective tenants by requiring a rental application. Access our printable rental application here.
  • Paper Rental Lease

    Printable Rental Lease

    Make sure you sign an official agreement with your new tenants to protect yourself and your tenants. Download our printable rental lease here.
  • Recycling Pamphlet

    Recycling Pamphlet

    Some cities, such as Chicago, require that landlords provide their tenants information on recycling. We recommend editing our pamphlet, post it at your rental, and attach it to your lease.

LLC Resources

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    Guide to Creating an LLC

    Read this article for step-by-step instructions on creating an LLC.
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    Create an LLC

    Start your own LLC with the help of Rocket Lawyer.
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    Quit Claim Deed

    A Quit Claim Deed allows you to transfer title of your rental property from you to your LLC.
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    LLC Operating Agreement

    An Operating Agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of each member of the LLC. This can help you seamlessly manage the property and protect each member of the LLC in case of legal trouble.

Tax Resources

State Resources 

Rental Market Data

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Landlord Education 

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    Browse Our Articles

    Search any landlord topic to read expert advice. If you don't see a topic you need, send us an email at
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    Find Tenants

    Read our guide to finding quality tenants. We'll help you create an online rental listing with a great title, description, and photos. We'll teach you how to decipher if a tenant lead is good or bad, and how to move forward with the best tenant leads.
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    Tenant Screening

    Learn how to screen potential tenants so you find tenants who will pay rent on time and take care of your investment property.
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    Rental Leases

    Learn the ins and outs of leasing with our multi-chapter guide.
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    Rent Collection

    Learn how to collect first month's rent, encourage timely payments, handle late payments, and more.

Partner Resources

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    Recommend TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to your tenants to make sure move-in day goes smoothly and your property isn't damaged.
  • My Utilities

    My Utilities

    My Utilities allows your tenants to set up their utilities faster.